Our first weekend course for 2017 in February was fully booked with 8 students so if you want to come on a weekend, especially if it is with others, please book in good time.

We have an exciting programme with the new 56 degree Collective pop up exhibitions throughout Angus in May and with a mixed show at Springfield including painting and jewellry, ceramics and sculpture.

Fran and John Burness have a selection of ceramics in the studio-gallery at 4 Springfield Terrace, Arbroath, DD11 1EL Let us know if you want to visit. 



raku lidded pot July 2014

I was lucky enough to spend 12 weeks in Spring 2016 at La Meridiana International Ceramic School in Tuscany in Italy on a course called "On Centre". So I have developed new glazes, learnt new decorating techniques and improved my throwing skills and design ideas, for my own work, and to pass on to students.  

As I had hoped, the time away has given me a more international perspective on ceramics and the contacts to invite various different ceramics teachers to inspire us here in Scotland!  We have already had a young Austrian intern Lena Butschek working here for 7 weeks bringing different ideas and skills.  This last weekend course the students had the extra help of Kat Wright from Australia, who also did the "On Centre" course at La Meridiana, and stopped in for a weekend at Springfield en route back home across the world!

Pottery Weekly Courses on Wednesday morning and evenings from 18th April 2017 and Tuesday afternoons.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               see classes page for more info.

Wellness Classes have been on-going every Thursday 10.30 a.m. - 11.30   These are run by Fran Marquis at the Old and Abbey Church in Arbroath.

For My Work and Background see Springfield Teachers Section

Wellness Classes based on Capacitar Practices:

Healing Ourselves, Healing Our World

Weekly Class at the Old & Abbey Church, West Abbey St., Arbroath, DD11 1EQ Thursday Mornings on-going for a £3 donation.

Wellness Away Day to be arranged in September or August 2017 at the Burn near Edzell in Angus. £27 per person including lunch and teas and coffees etc. Open to all who come to the Thursday class regularly or irregularly!

Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness, Tai Chi and Pal Dan Gum exercises to music so comfy clothes and shoes are advisable we may also do some breathing meditations.

Capacitar means "to empower" in Spanish. capacitar's mission is to teach Mind-Body-Spirit practices to empower healing, wholeness and peace both in the individual and in the world.  See www.capacitarscotland.org for more information about the new training to start in Edinburgh in May 2017.


Groups with Specific Needs - Wellness & Creativity Combined

I have worked with groups of teenagers and mental health groups as well as carers in Angus exploring how creative self-expression, meditation and relaxation can help cope with the stresses of life. We have used collage, painting, pastels as well as clay and visualisation to activate our creative imaginations to promote healing.  During these courses we have had fun and they can provide ways for people, younger and older to activate their own wisdom to promote health!  Please ask if you would like a pottery or wellness session tailored to specific groups.

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